Anthony Rabbito

Greater NYC Area United States


BS, Cloud-Computing; Western Governors University (Salt Lake City, Utah)
BS, Computer Science; King’s College (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania)

Minor: Information Systems/Business Management


Susquehanna International Group: Data Center System Administrator

Ensure uptime and reliability supporting our organization in our collocation data-centers.


Help Desk Level II

Technical Experience

Side Projects
Free time is best spent tinkering, learning and tweaking.
  • Homelabbing setting up a proper self-hosted environments instead of depending on SaaS providers where logical. I leverage a Kubernetes cluster managed with GitOps.
  • VFIO I’m a gamer, but a full time Linux Desktop user. In order to play some of my games I use PCIe GPU passthrough.
Open Source
Enthusiast of all things FOSS, and avid listener to JupiterBroadcasting. I love to stay up to date in my open source news.
Programming Languages
Java: Up to data-structures and algorithms. Practiced during King’s College.

Shell: Bash, and ZSH.

YAML: Automatic experience such as Ansible, and working with Kubernetes.

Basic knowledge of C++, JS, Python, Go

Small Tidbits